5 Most Useful Yoga Equipment ~

The yoga world, like any other industry, has various options to choose from when it comes to accessories and equipment are concerned. You may find it overwhelming at times when choosing the right equipment that can be of great help to the kind of lifestyle and practice you want.

We have narrowed down 5 most useful yoga equipment that can help your practice a lot easier especially when this whole thing is new to you:



5 Most Useful Yoga Equipment


Yoga block is basically a brick-shaped “thing” made of cork, wood or hard-foam and are usually 9 x 6 x 4 inches in size. This nice yoga prop can help you with the many poses of yoga especially those that involve standing stretches. It can also be used for general strength exercises. This lightweight, inexpensive, rectangular shaped thing is especially recommended for first-time yoga practitioners who are having issues with stretching or flexibility. Using yoga blocks can give you an additional element of resistance during a strength training by making the exercise more intense and satisfying. Using a heavier block prove to be even more helpful than using a light one. More weight means more work for you.


5 Most Useful Yoga Equipment


Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used as an aid to prevent hands and feet slipping when doing various poses during yoga practice. They are also commonly known as non-slip mats, non-skid mats or sticky mats. If you are that determined and decided to take yoga as a regular practice, you might consider picking the right yoga mat. Make sure that it is comfortable, supportive, and easy to clean with a great grip that will keep you from slipping. This kind of mat will positively transform your yoga practice with unparalleled comfort and support as it provides a bit of cushioning on a hard floor.



The yoga ball is a simple yet versatile piece of training equipment that you can use to train your whole body with fun and innovative moves. It is also known as an exercise ball, swiss ball or a fit ball. The yoga ball is a large, vinyl elastic ball you can use to strengthen and stretch your body, improving core stability and balance. Using a yoga ball, instead of exercising on a flat surface, forces the body to respond to the instability of the ball. To get the most benefit out of your fitness routine, choose the correct size of yoga ball depending on your height, back problems, length of legs or for purposes of stretching or yoga exercises.




Yoga strap or belt, is particularly useful for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them. It is a good way to get some self-help into your yoga practice. The strap basically acts as an arm extender. Regardless of your level of experience is with yoga, this supportive band can give you useful help in support, alignment, flexibility, stamina, and posture. Plus, they reduce the risk of injury.



Yoga towel is a necessity in yoga. It is made to absorb moisture. A yoga class can quickly go from awesome and thrilling to slippery and stressful without your yoga towel. More so, when your mat lacks a sticky quality which makes it very easy to slip and slide once the heart starts pumping and the heats start building. A yoga towel is made to fit on top of your yoga mat and create a non-slip surface for extra grip and stability in your poses. When choosing a yoga towel, look for a towel that is extremely soft and made from a microfiber material that is quick-drying and slip-free. It keeps your hands where they should be so it keeps you focused on your yoga practice.