6 Best Yoga Retreats in the World ~

Everyone deserves some time off from their busy routines to wind off and find their inner peace. If you want to explore a new, exciting destination, while practicing and learning about yoga, a yoga retreat is the ideal getaway plan. Travel and yoga are both great ways to connect with the world and yourself. So if you have plans on booking yourself to one of the finest yoga retreats in the world that are amazing yet affordable then get hooked on reading as we share 6 best yoga retreats in the world that just might heal your yoga soul.

1. India

6 Best Yoga Retreats In The World

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Release your stresses within the magical beauty of India’s forestlands. The lofty mountains embracing the landscape, teeming with birds, butterflies and an abundance of flora and fauna is the perfect place to experience peace and relaxation. Discover the harmony of self and nature with daily yoga and meditation practice on riversides and streams and experience hill climbing, trekking and meditation sessions. Get ready to experience the adventure and fun activities of elephant ride, boating and sight-seeing tour. In this forest yoga vacation program, you will be treated with an opportunity for spiritual, physical and mental rejuvenation through yoga, meditation, panayama and spiritual dialogue.


2. Ibiza, Spain

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This popular island in Spain has lots of room for yoga retreats. The White Isle has a very spiritual and calming side that not many people know of due to its wild nightlife. If you love yoga, nature, sea land sun, Yogis will find plenty of space on the beautiful beaches to take a good Spanish sunbath. Learn to understand and connect your beautiful body and mind by practicing different yoga techniques and meditation in a breathtaking and relaxing natural setting.


3. Bali, Indonesia

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This part of the world is the Yoga heaven par excellence. Known for its abundance of yoga centers, a distinguishing Zen-atmosphere, an ingrained culture of healthy living and tons of vegan and raw food options, Bali is just a yoga paradise. This is an excellent place designed to relax, relieve your stress, and make your mind focus on your happiness and wellbeing. They offer a wide range of holistic spa treatments, yoga and meditation and sightseeing. Indulge yourself with luxurious baths, chakra massage, sunrise yoga and sunset meditation to getting closer to nature through an eco-forest walk.


4. Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Koh Phangan, Thailand is located in the Gulf of Thailand in the Southeast, Koh Phangan is the perfect complement to a relaxing tropical holiday. There are inspiring calm places where you can immerse yourself in a tranquil sense, surrounded by a spectacular hilly and tropical landscape. The yoga retreat encourages you to listen to your body and will serve as guides through your individual transformation. It is a calm eco-friendly environment with a balanced realistic approach, which they believe to be the secret of a true transformation.


5. Algarve, Portugal

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Algarve, Portugal is a region rich in history, culture, and yoga. It has full of yoga retreats that take advantage of such a privileged location to make all yogi’s experience memorable. Enjoy and embrace the enjoyment of new experiences in a fantastic fun environment. With this retreat, you can learn how to get in great shape, stay there, and enjoy the journey through rejuvenating yoga practices, a varied program of training for lower and upper body gym sessions and boxercise practices, experiences, and laughter.


6. Costa Rica

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Costa Rica is a beautiful paradise of lush jungle, tranquil beaches, and profound tranquility. Yoga retreat guests can explore the hiking trails, waterfalls, wildlife and other natural wonders of the rainforest. Gain a new perspective on how you are living and identify areas for potential growth through awareness and reflection. You will have ample opportunities to grow your relationship with nature, culture and the surrounding community. Your trip is centered around giving you the source to promote peace from within and return to your well being. Leave feeling refreshed, and ready to take on whatever is next for you.