7 Benefits of Living With a Purpose ~

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” (Winston S. Churchill)

If we are not to live with a purpose, then what exactly are we doing here? We have been made to believe that success is all about getting into a good university, getting a stable job, having a perfect family, owning a nice house and a cool car, and maybe retiring young and rich. Although all these may be good measures of success, isn’t it wonderful to make life worth living by having clear, true intentions and aspirations apart from the material things? Not only will it improve your life in general, but it can also make a huge impact on your overall wellbeing. With this, I’m more than excited to discuss our topic for today, because of its significance to my life. Here are 7 benefits of living with a purpose:


1. Finding your passion

When you learn to live with purpose, you allow yourself to discover your passions — the things and experiences that matter and those that set your soul on fire. Living with a purpose and finding what you are most passionate about usually happen simultaneously and sometimes, living with true intentions is a result of uncovering your passions and dreams and vice versa. Your purpose will make you even more hopeful, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined to chase and fulfill your dreams. This will be your alarm clock, your daily reminder, your diary, and your guide.

Benefits of Living With a Purpose



2. Achieving happiness

Without true intentions, you become uncertain of the future, which can make you feel scared, apprehensive, pressured, and intimidated. But when you live life with a purpose, you allow yourself to enjoy life even more as you become fully aware of what makes you happy and energized.


3. Feeling more inspired and empowered

Another benefit of living your life with purpose is that it makes you feel more inspired, motivated, and empowered. You become more inspired to fill your life with passionate pursuits and become even more empowered to fulfill your life aspirations. You will learn to understand your strengths better and be more confident to maximize them to help you achieve your purpose.



4. Improving focus

Living your life with purpose will also strengthen your focus and decisiveness. By being mindful of setting strong intentions, you give yourself the power to effectively make decisions that are aligned with your purpose. Your actions become a reflection of your focused thoughts, which is the beautiful outcome of a purpose-driven life. With this, you will never feel lost again.


5. Obtaining strength and courage

Aside from being strong-minded when it comes to decision-making, you also gain strength and courage by living your life with a purpose. When you are fully aware of your true intentions, you learn to face your fears, overcome any challenge, and live life with courage.



6. Cultivating contentment and a sense of fulfillment

Living a purpose-driven life will help you appreciate life even more. When you live your life with purpose, you radiate an energy that is full of fervor, fire, and hope, and in this way, you make your own contribution to make the world a better place. In fact, it is more effortless to attain a sense of fulfillment when you know your true purpose and intentions well, making it a lot easier to be content even without the extravagance.


7. Alleviating stress

Yes, living with a purpose can help reduce stress and anxiety. Usually, pressures and worries are caused by uncertainties, doubts, and fears. When you are clear about your true intentions, you won’t get stressed out easily because your thoughts, desires, and aspirations are firm and aligned with your actions. Your purpose transforms your character, your disposition, and even your lifestyle, towards living a more positive life where you are capable of managing your own feelings and emotions.