7 Best Yoga Pants in 2018 ~

Investing in the right pair of yoga pants is essential to enjoy your yoga workouts. It plays a huge role in your comfort while you are exercising. Because of the strenuous poses, your clothing should be stretchy and have good breathability. The right pants can add to your comfort and improve your flexibility so that you can practice each position correctly. So if you are planning on taking up yoga, your choice for best yoga pants can make all the difference between a pleasant workout and a frustrating experience! Here is the list we made to save you time going all over the internet in search of your next pair:


1. Lululemon’s Wunder Under Pants

best yoga pants

Do you want to make your butt look its best? Well, Lululemon’s Wunder Under pants might just be the answer to that. It is a best seller for yogis with its current fashion for narrow-legged yoga pants. This classic Lulu style has a high-rise waistband that lays flat against hips and it features the brand’s soft, breathable full-on Luon fabric that provides extra support and coverage. No wonder why the Wunder Under Pants is considered one of the best yoga pants on the market today!

Available in an ever-changing array of colors, materials, and rises that come out every season.

2. Alo Yoga Moto Leggings

A yoga gear just as fashionable as your everyday clothes. Alo yoga makes it easy to take your workout style one notch higher with things like cool moto details and faux-leather panels. They are softer than they look, incredibly comfortable and versatile. They also have feature compression on the upper part of the legs that holds everything you might have, creating an ultra-flattering look.

3. Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga High Waist Long Leggings is best for lounging. There is something magic in its fabric that it feels heavenly when you use it. So comfortable and soft. Beyond Yoga is known for the quality and sensibility they bring to yoga classics. A wide waistband and triangle gusset promise comfort and functionality.

4. Sweaty Betty Reversible 7/8 Leggings

Sweaty Betty is considered the best reversible design yoga pants. It’s like getting two new pairs in one. This particular pair is solid black on the other side so no one will ever know that you’re not wearing completely different pants. They have fun and flashy prints and seams that flatter for days.


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5. Nadi X Smart Yoga Pants

This is the yoga pants of the future. They are highly recommended for beginner-intermediate yogis who need the extra practice or anyone who wants to get in a session on their own schedule. It has wires and sensors throughout that gently vibrate to show you how to move into the next pose. They even sync up with your iPhone to give instructions and feedbacks. Not only does it have tech benefits, Nadi X leggings also look good and feel good, that is why it is indeed one of the best yoga pants in 2018!

6. 90 Degree by Reflex Power Flex Yoga Pants

90-degree leggings come in a wide array of colors and are made of a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex. They have a four-way stretch and are designed to remove moisture. They are simple, flattering and effective. The wide waistband adapt to the contours of your body to keep it in place when you stretch or bend so you don’t have to worry about these pants riding up or sliding down. The interlock seams lay flat to prevent chafing and the material is of the highest quality so it can sustain multiple washes.

7. Prolific Health Fitness Power Flex Yoga Pants

Ombre yoga pants work well for all athletic activities. You can pick the one which looks most fun and stylish for your daily yoga workouts as they come in 42 shades in all color combinations. These pants use the compression technique to help your muscles heal faster after a rigorous workout, making it a crowd favorite and one of the best yoga pants in 2018. The fabric is very supportive and does not restrict any movement. They are much more beneficial as compared to regular pants as they enhance the muscle recovery process.