7 New Mindfulness Techniques to Keep You in the Now

In our previous articles, we’ve talked through the importance of bringing yourself in the present to be able to master the art of mindfulness. Our minds are full, yes, but are we mindful?

Today, I’ll be sharing with you 7 new mindfulness techniques to keep you in the now.

1. Mindful breathing

Mindfulness Techniques to Keep You in the Now

Mindful breathing can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and it’s a quite straightforward technique that anyone can learn and absorb right away. Don’t get me wrong though – this may seem like a piece of cake, but understanding the mindful breathing technique requires solid concentration, focus, and intentness. Okay, so this is how it works: All you have to do is to simply pay close attention to your breathing – every inhale, every exhale. Breathe slowly through your nose, and breathe out through your mouth, and extend your breath up to 3 seconds for every inhale, and another 3 seconds for every exhale. Release any tension from your body and bring your mind to the present, leaving any thoughts behind for just a few minutes. Close your eyes if you need to, and feel the energy flowing within you as you breathe in and breathe out. After a few minutes, you’ll feel that your mind and body are starting to relax and calm down, relieving stress and anxiety. Try to do the mindful breathing technique regularly and everytime you feel the need to.


2. Mindfulness of senses

Mindfulness of senses is also called the five senses exercise, and is one of the most practiced mindfulness techniques to keep you in the now. Like the mindfulness breathing, the five senses exercise can also be practiced anytime and anywhere where you get to use your five senses. In this technique, try to focus your attention on what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Today, try noticing the beauty of your surroundings, listen carefully during conversations, pay heed to the smell of morning coffee, savor the flavoring in your delightful dinner, and be aware of the feeling of the cool breeze touching your skin.


3. Mindful of thoughts and feelings

Oftentimes, we let go of our thoughts to stay in the present. But one of the new and effective mindfulness techniques is to stay mindful of your own thoughts and feelings, allowing you to connect to your inner self. Concentrate on your prevailing thoughts and feelings to keep you in the now. With this, you become more capable of understanding these emotions, enabling you to breathe, take control, and manage them instead of the other way around.


4. Mindful walking

Walking can also be one of the mindfulness techniques to keep you in the now. Whether you spend your day sitting or doing rounds all day, mindful walking is always a relaxing mindfulness practice. Find a good place or route where you feel comfortable walking (could be somewhere familiar or somewhere new and unfamiliar!). While walking, pay close attention to your posture, every step, every movement, every pressure, every breath. Be mindful of the rhythm as one foot touches gently on the ground. Just breathe naturally and feel how your body and mind are connected to the present moment.


5. Mindful appreciation

As we get too much focused on fulfilling our goals and dreams, there are a lot of things left unnoticed, undervalued, and unappreciated. As the saying goes, you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone. Tonight, practice mindful appreciation as you go to bed. Be aware of the things in your bedroom and notice even the basic items and the simple objects… Notice and appreciate the books you get to read to help you doze off, the heater to keep you warm, and the comfy bed that gives you a good night’s sleep.


6. Mindful listening

When you start a conversation with your sibling, a colleague, or someone who sat next to you in the bus to work, be fully present in the moment… Keep your ears open, and listen with empathy, kindness, and without judgment.


7. Mindful immersion

Mindful immersion may be a bit challenging, but it is a good practice to test and train your concentration, that’s why it’s also Mindfulness Techniques to Keep You in the Now. While you’re busy working, doing your chores, or carrying out something, try your best to be mindful of every activity — notice every detail, every movement, and discover new and creative ways to spice things up. Keep yourself in the moment by being mindful of your breathing and the flow of energy within your body while immersing and engaging yourself in any pursuit or in every hustle and bustle…