8 Benefits of Hot Yoga

We all know that yoga is a sweat machine. And if the buckets of sweat you generate during yoga sessions aren’t enough, then you might be interested in trying hot yoga! Hot yoga, as its name suggests, is a type of yoga where you perform the poses and postures in hot conditions. So if regular yoga makes you perspire, imagine doing those challenging yoga poses in a heated room! However, this type of yoga is not just about making things difficult and more challenging, because hot yoga has its fair share of good benefits too! Stay with me as I discuss the 8 benefits of hot yoga!

1. It detoxifies the body

We know that sweat helps us eliminate the bad toxins from our body. And by perspiring nonstop when performing hot yoga, you’ll realize the benefits right away and you’ll surely feel so good even after just 90 minutes of practice. Although yoga critics challenge the idea of yoga being a method of detoxification, exercises, and fitness workouts, in general, including hot yoga, can help you detoxify although not directly. The sweat you produce in hot yoga purges the body of toxic elements, including salt, cholesterol, as well as alcohol. In addition, imagine the benefits of sweating in a sauna combined with the advantages of performing those yoga poses!

2. It is good for the skin

Doing hot yoga can naturally give you a certain glow because performing the poses can improve the circulation of your blood. Sweat can open clogged pores that carry deep-seated dirt that causes acne, pimples, and skin blemishes. Hot yoga can also help you manage stress and anxiety, which are two of the common causes of acne breakouts. Certain yoga poses used in hot yoga opens up the chest and lungs, providing more oxygen to your skin, making it more refreshed and revitalized.

3. It boosts the immune system

One of the most beneficial benefits of hot yoga is its way to increase the circulation of your blood as well as the flow of the lymphatic system, which strengthens your immune system’s function. By distributing white blood cells throughout your body, which helps fight bacteria and viruses. The combination of intensified heat and the yoga postures can help keep your airways clear and boost your immune system.

4. It can enhance your flexibility

Practicing hot yoga regularly can relax your muscles, joints, and tendons when you perform the different yoga poses, allowing you to get a better bend and stretch. The heat gently reduces the tension and tightness in your muscles and joints. Through regular practice, you’ll realize the amazing benefits of hot yoga and you’ll eventually notice that your stretches become deeper and wider, and the challenging poses will be much easier to do.

5. It can help you lose weight

Hot yoga will not only make you stronger and more flexible, but performing yoga poses in a heated room can also help you burn calories! Research shows that a 90-minute yoga session can burn the same amount of calories when you brisk walk. Practicing hot yoga can also change your lifestyle and eating behavior, making you more aware of what you eat. Experts also suggest that selected poses that are held gently for a time can increase your metabolism, helping you burn calories faster.

6. It relaxes your body and mind

Yoga, with incorporated heat, will make you focus on your breath more. And by becoming mindful of how you inhale and exhale slowly relax your mind and body. One of the best benefits of hot yoga is that the practice can calm your senses, making you feel less stressed and pressured.

7. It can help you fight colds and other illnesses

Sweat from performing challenging poses in hot conditions can assist in driving away germs that cause tuberculosis and other pathogenic bacteria and viruses. As mentioned, hot yoga practice can help boost your immune system, protecting your body from virus infection like colds and flu.

8. It can strengthen your concentration and awareness

Yoga, in general, allows you to become more conscious and aware of your breathing and your senses. In the same way, hot yoga can even strengthen this awareness and concentration, allowing you to feel more connected to your mind and body. With an added challenge of doing the poses in higher temperatures, you will enhance your focus and attention, regardless of the many distractions like the heat and too much sweat.

Hot yoga may test your strength and focus to the core, yes, but these extra challenges are so worth it if it means you’ll get even better benefits! So, are you ready to try hot yoga one of these days? Let me know your thoughts!