8 Benefits of Living Your Life With Intention ~

Everything we do and everything that happens in this world starts with an intention – when we wake up extra early, when we eat, when we work, when we do some errands, when we exercise, and when we relax. Your actions are reflections of your desires and deepest intentions, which also lay the foundation for your future. Naturally, we’d want a great future, so it is very important to have a clear purpose to guide our actions, behavior, lifestyle, and decisions. Here are 8 benefits of living your life with intention!


1. You become more positive

Knowing your true intentions lets you become more positive, optimistic, and hopeful. You learn to keep a positive mindset as you work towards pursuing desires and dreams. Negativities usually stem from uncertainties, doubts, and fears… And knowing true intentions will inspire you to paint a picture of a bright future.

Benefits of Living Your Life with Intention



2. You have the ability to fulfill your dreams

Most people would go along with whatever life gives them, and living life with intention allows you to achieve what you truly desire in life. This will keep you grounded and connected to what aspires you. Everything starts in the mind and heart, and believing that it will come true is the first step in reaching your dreams.


3. You can control your destiny

Being mindful of intentions will make you feel more confident and self-assured that thoughts, actions, and actions are all in harmony to help you actualize the destiny you’ve envisioned.



4. You allow yourself to do what you love

You get so occupied because of school or work and other responsibilities, that you sometimes neglect to make time for yourself. When you are aware of true intentions, you let yourself be reminded of the simple things you love — arts, music, sports, and the like. You also realize that when you work hard towards pursuing your intentions, it is also beneficial to make room for the small things that light up the soul.


5. You reinforce the connection to yourself

When you live the life with intention, you become more aware of strengths as well as weaknesses you possess. When you learn to understand the strong points, you create a deeper connection with the inner self. This also enables you to recognize these strengths and use them to fulfill your intentions. Knowing the true intentions tantamount to knowing the true self.



6. You learn to be more committed, focused and decisive

Knowing your true intentions will inspire you to give your best and whole heart to work on something you’ve always wanted. You become more firm and focused on pursuing your passions and desires, having the power to suppress distractions and to brave any challenge that comes your way.


7. You become more attentive to your well-being

Intentions also have the power to shape your behavior and lifestyle. It allows you to become more mindful of your overall well-being, including your physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your life. When you live life with intention, you become more aware of what your body needs, and you learn to set goals for your health and be your best self. Remember, being in your optimal well-being is crucial in fulfilling your goals and accomplishing your intentions.



8. You are more open to possibilities

Having intentions doesn’t mean that you are limited to your desires alone and that you should be focusing on just one thing. Because as a matter of fact, along the way, you’ll realize that change is also part of this journey. As you grow old, learn and experience new things, your desires may change, develop, or maybe go the other way entirely — and that’s perfectly okay. Living your life with intention will teach you to open your mind and step out of your comfort zone, guiding you to welcome change and embrace new possibilities and opportunities.