8 Most Effective Meditation Songs ~

Meditation is known by many to be practiced in silence. While silent meditation can be very effective for some people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that meditation is required to be performed without sounds in order to attain seamless concentration. In fact, soothing music is a very powerful tool to help calm our nerves, clear our mind, and relax our body. Today, I’ll be listing down the 8 most effective meditation songs that could assist you in your practice. These songs will not only calm you down but will also help you find inner peace and relieve stress, so get your iPod or Spotify ready because we’re making meditation even better!


  1. Relaxing Meditation Songs

Getting your mind and body to relax after a long day at work is not child’s play. Luckily, we can listen to relaxing meditation music to help calm your nerves and songs that could bring you to a state of peacefulness and tranquility. These relaxing meditation songs may include soothing and stress-relieving sounds like soft piano music, peaceful flute music, and calming acoustic harmonics.


  1. Energizing Meditation Songs

Many meditation songs are so calming that they are perfect for those who want to want to get a good night’s sleep. However, if you’re starting your day by meditating, you would want to listen to a more invigorating type of meditation music. Energizing meditation songs have cheerful and uplifting beats like bossa nova, Hawaiian ukulele sounds, and selected classical music. Listening to these kinds of music can improve concentration and can boost brain power and energy, making you all charged up for the day!


  1. Nature Sounds

Listening to the sound of nature can heal your soul, appease your mind, and can alleviate stress, body pains, and anxiety. The music of nature are sounds produced by the wind, the rain, trees, leaves, birds, the ocean, or the waterfalls. Nature sounds bring you to a state of peace and relaxation because they somehow help you escape the everyday sounds of the computer and our smartphones, the cars and the trains, the loud radio and TV, the ring of telephones and chatting of people around you. You can listen to nature sounds anytime by just browsing on Apple Music or Spotify!


  1. Instrumental Disney Songs

Listening to your favorite Disney songs in instrumental is also an effective technique you could use in your meditation practice. It will bring back your younger years when there were less stress and pressure. We feel at home when listening to Disney songs, so we feel very comfortable and at ease, which is really helpful in meditation practice. When meditating, it is important to choose the best music that could relax your mind and body, and one that you enjoy listening to.


  1. Calming Acoustics

Calming acoustics like classical guitar harmonics and ukulele sounds are very effective meditation songs as well. Acoustic sounds are known to relax the brain, that is why they are also good to use when studying for an exam or preparing for an interview or presentation. Calming acoustics can be both calming and energizing, so make sure to include these tracks on your playlist!


  1. Spiritual Meditation Songs

Spiritual meditation songs may include relaxing piano harmonics, healing harp music, as well as Celtic music. If you’re looking for the best music for your spiritual meditation practice, head over to these links:


  1. Meditation Songs for Sleep

There is a lot of meditation music that can help you get a comfortable night’s sleep, but there are songs that can particularly give you the deepest and best quality sleep you’ve always yearned for. Whether you’re craving for a good sleep or fighting insomnia or meditating your way to a nap, try listening to delta waves, binaural beats, and soft lullabies.


  1. Alpha Waves Music

While alpha waves music is very helpful for studying because of its relaxing effect on your mind and it can enhance creativity and imagination, this type of sound is also an effective meditation song. Listening to alpha waves music allows you to clear and de-stress your mind, creating a sense of calm and security. Its direct effect on the brain is not yet scientifically proven, but listening to it during your meditation practice won’t hurt. Try listening to it and assess if this kind of music can be helpful for you.