8 Techniques to Stay in the Moment ~

As soon as we wake up in the morning, we often think about what to wear or how bad the traffic would be, instead of enjoying the sunrise and feeling blessed for another beautiful day. The moment we have our breakfast and get that first sip of caffeine, we think about work so soon, rather than enjoying the delightful meal on our table. Everytime we commute and walk to work, we sometimes think about our future and contemplate on our options, instead of taking time to appreciate the trees, the flowers, the sky, and the calming sound of the birds chirping. And by the time we go to bed, we recall what happened throughout our day, rather than savoring the moment of peace and relaxation after a long day at work. If this sounds like you, which is normal in our busy lives; then you could really use our 8 techniques to stay in the moment.

It’s no crime to ponder over the past and reflect on the future, and doing so is normal. But to be able to feel completely peaceful, relaxed, and radiant, it is beneficial to learn how to stay in the moment. The present offers so much life and blessings, we just might not notice them. Thank heavens, there are a couple of exercises and techniques that we could try to help us stay in the moment.


1. Breathing exercises

Every day, for at least 3 times a day, set just a few minutes to pause, relax, and concentrate on your breathing. Focus on each breath you take in and exhale out, and try not to think about work and other chores. Just try to be aware of the present moment, and allow every inhalation and exhalation relax your diaphragm, your muscles, and your mind.


2. Do things at a comfortable pace

We find it difficult to stay in the moment because we try to rush things, cram assignments, and we try to multitask, only to end up feeling so exhausted and hardly accomplishing any at the end of the day. Doing one thing at a time, at a pace that’s most comfortable for you, is one technique to stay in the moment. Focus on the task at hand, do it slowly, and put your mind and heart into what you do.


3. Set aside a few minutes for yourself daily

Start your day positive by implementing daily positive affirmations. When you wake up in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and encourage yourself that you can do anything through hard work and that everything will be okay, inspire yourself to be your best, to surround yourself with supportive people, and that you are enough and capable of inspiring other people too. Before you go to bed, try not to think about the next day and just give yourself some time and space to relax and enjoy the evening.


4. Observe your surroundings on your way to work

On our way to work, our minds are occupied by the terrible traffic, the morning news that’s filled with disappointing headlines and gossips, the busy people you walk along with… And then you finally reached the office, and all you can think about is a bunch of workloads that are waiting for you. I challenge you to try this: Tomorrow, try to shift your attention to the present moment. During traffic, try not to be lost in thought, and concentrate on your breathing and feel your nerves and muscles relax. While walking on your way to work, try to be aware of your surroundings – the fresh air, the beautiful flowers, the happy smiles, and the calm sky.


5. Turn off your phone before going to bed

You’ve been on your phone by the time you wake up, checking in every minute of the day. Tonight, before you go to bed, turn it off and have a good night’s sleep. Putting it on while you sleep can cause distractions and sleep interruptions. For just a few hours, have a digital detox and unplug from technology and social media. You’ll feel the difference when you wake up. You’re welcome.


6. Learn to listen

When we do our best to be attentive and lend an ear to a person speaking, we learn to focus our attention on the here and now. We become more mindful of every word and every lesson we can get, which can improve communication, conversations, and can strengthen relationships.


7. Observe your senses

Aside from taking time to focus on your breathing, observing your senses can also be quite helpful. Take a moment to feel your surroundings through your senses – the look, the sound, the smell, the taste, the feel… Observe what you see in detail… Admire the sound of the raindrops in the face of the busy city noise… Savor the smell of that freshly brewed coffee… Delight in the taste and texture of that warm, fluffy, chocolate chip pancakes… And feel that cool breeze as it brushes softly against your face.


8. Try changing your routine every now and then

Routine makes us feel safe and comfortable. But being comfortable and getting used to a certain habit, practice, or pattern permits us to let our minds wander and linger on the past and think about the future… Because of this, we tend to worry too much and get stressed out. So today, change your routine and try something new to give us a bit of a fresh start. By introducing ourselves to different patterns (try a new hairstyle, wake up extra early to do simple exercises, or organize your workstation differently), we’ll feel more refreshed and re-energized.