8 Things to Watch Out When Meditating ~

There are proper ways to do one thing, and there are also incorrect practices. In meditation, we try to be as comfortable with our poses and our surroundings, and that there is no concept of right or wrong… However, there are a couple of things plus a few reminders and guidelines that we should take mental note of to be able to get the most of our meditation practice; so 8 things to watch out when meditating will give you those insights you might find useful.

1. Don’t try too hard

Meditation is admittedly difficult to achieve at first. But everything gets easier through perseverance and regular practice. Trying too hard puts pressure on our mind, body, and senses, and we end up feeling stiff and uneasy. To be able to appreciate and enjoy the practice, remember to do every pose at your own pace. Of course, as you progress, don’t be afraid to try again and take on every challenge.


2. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ timing, with the ‘perfect’ environment

Especially for newbies, we all think that meditation requires perfect timing and conditions – a beautiful, cloudy day on a weekend in a cozy, quiet room. Because of this notion, we tend to delay our meditation practice, and ending up not trying at all.

Meditation is not just about finding serenity in our surroundings. Meditation is about discovering and creating peace within us.


3. Never judge your skills

Meditation practice is not mastered overnight. Always think of meditation as a something you do for yourself – to feel relaxed, to keep and create a positive outlook, to embrace who you are. Learn how to enjoy every improvement and be your own number one supporter.


4. Try not to think about things like work, chores, and relationships

Although it is absolutely all right to focus on what inspires you, avoid letting your mind drift and settle in matters that may stress you out. Again, meditation is not really an escape from troubles and problems. Rather, it is an ideal time to use our energy to concentrate on the here and now and contemplate on positive thoughts.


5. It’s okay to take a break

It goes without saying that meditation is best practiced uninterrupted. But feel free to take a break if you feel the need to. You may take a short rest, sip hot tea or drink water, or adjust the room temperature if you feel uncomfortable. Insisting to carry on (even though you feel the necessity to pause a bit) will only make you tense and worried. Taking this needed rest may actually help you concentrate better when you continue the practice.

In addition, meditation need not be practiced every single day. Pay close attention to your own experience, and observe what your mind and body need.


6. Don’t expect immediate results

“Meditation can heal my emotional baggage”… “Meditation can make me feel more enlightened, inspired, and confident”… “Meditation can take away all my negative thoughts and fears”… We often consider meditation as a quick fix for our stress and problems. While it unquestionably provides plenty of benefits for our overall well being, meditation is a process that may take time for its rewards to materialize.


7. Fight off negative thoughts

Oftentimes when we meditate, we can’t help but let our minds wander off… And subconsciously, we’re letting negative thoughts come in. Devote yourself to the here and now, and be immersed in your peaceful, relaxing state. If ever your mind starts to collect negative thoughts again, just breathe and slowly bring your mind back to the present.


8. Don’t rush your meditation

Rushing your practice kind of defeats the purpose of relaxation and calmness. Although it’s okay to squeeze a couple of minutes for meditation daily, avoid doing it just a few hours or minutes before a commitment. Doing so will bring your attention to these engagements and it would difficult for you to focus on the present. To be able to enjoy and get the most out of this experience, devote a considerable amount of time and commit your full attention to your meditation practice. Meditation only takes a few minutes of your time anyway, then you might as well make these precious minutes worthwhile.