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8 Signs That Say You’re being Enlightened

Enlightenment is personal. It cannot be taught; rather, it is realized and experienced by no other than you. To be able to know that you’re being enlightened, you must listen, feel and be mindful of the signs, because sadly, gurus and mentors are only there to guide you, but you are the only one who can feel and experience the changes in your life and the way you view things. Spiritual enlightenment has deep-seated and far-reaching impacts, and it seems overpowering in the beginning. So sit back and relax, and allow me to talk you through the 8 common signs that say you’re being enlightened.

  1. You acknowledge your self-worth.

One of the most evident signs of being enlightened is learning and understanding your self-worth. You’ll feel that you are starting to have more self-confidence and self-assurance, you value your ideas and opinions instead of just riding the tides and going with the flow. You start having a higher opinion about yourself, without needing any acknowledgment or affirmation from others. Self-worth is not easy to achieve, and it would be apparent once you’re on the path of spiritual enlightenment. This is the first common signs that say you’re being enlightened.

  1. You become genuinely happy for others’ success.

Being content with what we already have is easy to say, but quite honestly, being sincerely happy for other people is beyond us. We smile when we see others succeed, but deep inside, we feel a little bit jealous, wishing to have what they have and hoping that triumph would happen to us too. But once you’ve experienced enlightenment or awakening, you’ll view things differently, wherein someone else’s happiness is your happiness too. You now understand that being happy for others doesn’t cost a thing, and it will free you from any anxiety and frustration.

  1. You learn to appreciate nature even more.

Nature has always been beautiful; but sadly, not everyone can see it. The power to connect with nature is one sign that suggests your being enlightened. Because you give yourself permission to pause, observe closely and listen carefully, and in return, nature speaks with you through its beauty and melody. You experience enlightenment when you are able to be one with nature, and understanding that we all came from the same source.

  1. You take good care of your health.

Although everyone is already aware that health is wealth, you’ll feel that you are on the path of spiritual enlightenment when you pay attention to what your body needs physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is quite obvious as you become more mindful of how you eat, how you think, and how you feel. You have developed this understanding that all aspects of your life should be in harmony with each other to reach optimal wellness.

  1. You manage your feelings and emotions without judgment.

You’re also being enlightened when you have started to grasp the importance of being in charge of your feelings and emotions. You have established the capability to respond or react reasonably, accept and take responsibility for your actions, and let go and move forward. You now understand what’s right for you and what’s would be fair for everyone, allowing you to create, maintain, and strengthen relationships. 

  1. You become more open to exploring new possibilities.

You are now more confident to step out of your comfort zone, ready to face the unknown and explore new and better opportunities for yourself. This is when you may change course and take on another adventure or pursue another passion. You’ll realize that your priorities and dreams start to change, making you focus on what you really want and what you are destined to be.

  1. You feel more satisfied and empowered.

You will experience an overpowering sense of fulfillment and gratification once you’ve stepped foot on the route to spiritual awakening. You’ll start feeling more appreciative of what you have and you learn to embrace all your experiences, good or bad, substantial or simple. You discover the value of everything around you, things that you usually pay no heed to… You also start to feel more empowered and you learn to inspire yourself to be your best self, despite imperfections and shortcomings. 

  1. You understand your inner strength.

Not everyone is given the opportunity to maximize their full potential because inner strengths are sometimes unrecognized or undervalued. As someone who is being enlightened, you’ll feel more connected to yourself, enabling you to discover and understand the strength within you. Given this, you’ll be able to maximize these strengths to improve and grow. You start to feel a profound sense of knowledge and awareness of your inner power and strength of character.

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