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How to Astral Project: A Step by Step Guide

Astral projection, which is also known as astral travel, is the ability to separate from your physical body to travel and explore the “astral realm” while taking on the existence of an “astral body”. This out-of-body experience or OBE allows you to wander through what’s beyond the reality we see or experience every day of our lives, while still being connected to your body through a silver cord, which enables you to return when you want to.

Looking into what lies ahead our physical existence might sound far-fetched and learning it might seem unattainable, but there are a couple of techniques we could bring into play to understand astral projection or astral travel. Here’s a step-by-step guide for beginners who want to know how to astral project.

  1. Pay attention to your breathing

Spend a few minutes to completely clear your mind and focus your consciousness on the sound of your breathing and your sensations. Although it may be very challenging at first, do not push yourself too hard. Emptying your mind is not easy, and it may take a couple of minutes but remember to just relax… Once you’ve successfully cleared your mind, you’ll start to get the feeling of disengaging and disconnecting. It might feel strange at first, but just strongly focus on your breathing and nothing else. After a couple of minutes in this position, you’ll now experience a deeper state of relaxation, where you will no longer mindful of your physical body and your surroundings.

      2. Bring your awareness to a new vibrational frequency

Vibrational frequency refers to the variation of energy levels in your surroundings. It might be a bit longer to reach this state, but just relax and you’ll soon get there. After a couple of minutes, you’ll start to feel the vibrations… This is the time when your astral body is beginning to disconnect and withdraw from the physical reality. Again, this might feel strange and unusual for the first time, so just relax and take it easy. Recognize this state and just feel the vibrations from head to toe. At this time, you may also feel like floating. Some may panic when they reach this state, but stay fervent and just concentrate because you are doing great! You are actually starting to enter the out-of-body experience or OBE state. Once again, try not to think of anything else. 

      3. Move without actually moving

In your mind, imagine your nerves and muscles moving in a calm, relaxed state without physically moving your body. Imagine your own body floating and hold this image as long as you can and don’t let your mind meander. Start off by visualizing your hand moving upwards as if you’re about to reach towards a rope above you. This takes an even deeper concentration and willpower especially when you are almost nearing the rope. So focus, feel every sensation and your breathing, and start grabbing the rope with your astral body.

On your first try, step three might be a bit overwhelming. But kudos to you, because you’ve reached this far. You can practice steps 1-3 further until it becomes easier before finally proceeding to the fourth step.

      4. Now, separate yourself from your physical body

So now that you feel that you’re ready for the final step, then let’s do it. Again, let’s start with steps 1 through 3… Now that you’ve taken hold of the rope with your hands, imagine your astral body floating upwards towards the ceiling without physically having to move any part of your body. Concentrate hard and do not let your mind wander until your whole astral body had been completely disengaged from your physical body. And finally, you are free. So go ahead and explore the astral realm as long as you can. If ever you want to go back to your physical body, all you have to do is to imagine going back to the physical reality and return to being mindful of your surroundings and others…

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