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Step by Step Guide to the Law of Attraction

You've probably heard the law of attraction many times already. The concept might seem simple and straightforward, but is it really? As a matter of fact, it is. The law of attraction is a universal principle, just like gravity - your experiences are products and consequences of your thoughts - like attracts like. If you're someone who's new to this concept or someone who wants to understand it further, then let's get started with the step by step guide to the law of attraction.


Understanding the idea.

The first step is to actually believe in the concept of the Law of Attraction. Working on it should not be just an option or a way out in case things don’t go as planned or expected. Before we begin, let us first understand the idea and how it works. Law of Attraction is as simple as this: Your thoughts and feelings affect your experiences and occurrences around you. Meaning, you can actually control what happens in your life through the Law of Attraction — you can attract positivity into your life by focusing your attention on positive thoughts and you can equally bring in negativity if you think about the negative stuff.


Start simple.

If you’re a bit skeptical of the idea, you are not alone. You may start with the simple things and work your way up to the big and more consequential ones. You can begin by thinking that your mom will cook your favorite breakfast when you wake up, or maybe hopefully see your long-time crush at a cafe in town, or maybe win a free movie ticket from a small contest on the radio. As soon as you’re about to realize some results, then you could start attracting the big ones — career promotion or a really big work opportunity and maybe marrying the man or woman of your dreams and start a family. Starting with the simple and small things won’t be too time-consuming and it wouldn’t really hurt to try.


Identify your goals and desires.

Now that you’re ready to use the Law of Attraction in your life, you should first determine your goals, aspirations, desires, your vision, and your dreams. Be specific and clear about what you really want in your life. Clear your mind and just focus on this particular vision, and picture it using your mind, heart, and your senses — imagine it really happening. Engage all your senses and feel that it is real, and not just an imagination.


Learn to have a positive mindset, and attract what you desire.

Next is to align yourself with your desires. Prepare your mind and body to work with the energies of the Law of Attraction. Again, you need to truly believe that your dreams and goals are going to happen, without any reservations and leaving all your fears behind. Learn to have a positive mindset to be able to draw in favorable outcomes. In our previous articles, we’ve discussed a couple of techniques and exercises you can embark on to have a positive mindset. (Insert article links here). When you emanate empowering vibrancy to achieve your dreams, everything around will somehow align with your enthusiasm and, by some means, help you work towards your desires. Remember that you and the universe are one, and it is within the bounds of possibility that your thoughts and feelings be in perfect harmony with experiences.


Witness your desires turning into reality.

We have to understand that achieving our desires may take time, so we have to be patient before dismissing the idea of pursuing the Law of Attraction. Again, try to push away any doubts, suspicions, and apprehensiveness during the process Once you’ve mastered the art of creating a positive mindset and the science of drawing in your desires, you’ll soon realize that you’re not just visualizing the reality, but you’re now living it. With full intention and with an optimistic mindset, picture your desires as they are actually happening. You may also even say it out loud if you want to!


Hold on, Law of Attraction is not magic, all right? To be able to turn your desires into reality, your hard work is also needed. So don’t just pin your hopes on this guide to the Law of Attraction without actually doing your part. Aside from having strong belief, you also need to exert huge amounts of effort, energy, power, and time to make it happen. When you work really hard to achieve your desires, you’re strengthening your control and sending a clear message to the universe and to everything around you that you really want this.

If at first, you don’t succeed, do not give up just yet. Carry on and keep on working towards reaching your dreams and achieving your desires. Do not give up on expressing your eagerness and determination, and always be grateful for what comes your way. The Law of Attraction will pave the way for favorable results, you just have to put your confidence in it.

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