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8 Best Yoga Mats

We all know that a yoga mat is actually an essential accessory for practicing yoga. Yoga mats are critical for stability, protection, and for comfort, and it would be extremely difficult to practice yoga without a mat. However, you might be thinking if all yoga mats available in the market are the same, regardless of the brand and the type of yoga you’re going to use it for. The answer is no. Yoga mats have varieties too – in colors and design, type of material, size, thickness, etc. The good thing about this is that you can choose your own mat based on your preference, your needs, your goals, and your budget.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about the 8 best yoga mats that could pave the way for a more exciting and comfortable yoga practice!

  1. Suga

The name Suga is a combination of the company’s two passions – surfing and yoga. With this, the company ingeniously incorporated these passions into what they do! Suga Yoga Mats are made from 100% recycled non-biodegradable neoprene wetsuits, transformed into premium high-quality 5mm yoga mats. Suga Yoga Mats give you a good grip and the material is thick, but only enough to still give you the balance and stability you need when doing the yoga poses.

Available in 2 sizes. Price starts at $79.

  1. Manduka Eko Yoga Mat

Made from all-natural tree rubber and strengthened with cotton and polyester, the Manduka Eko yoga mat provides an excellent grip to help you maintain your balance, especially during the most challenging poses. Manduka Eko is made from slip-resistant natural rubber, which will prevent the moisture from all the good sweat get in the way. Although the mat is a bit thinner than the others at 3/16”, it can still provide the support your body needs.

Available in 3 sizes and 9 colors. The price starts at $42.

  1. Aurorae Classic

If you’re still trying to explore the world of yoga, you might consider buying a less expensive yoga mat. While it is relatively affordable, the Aurorae Classic surely does not disappoint. It is soft and lightweight, yet durable and gives pretty good support and stability. One disadvantage of the Aurorae Classic is that it doesn’t repel or absorb moisture too well, making the yoga mat slippery because of sweat. Good thing though, Aurora Classic comes with a non-slip rosin bag, which can resolve this one drawback.

Available in 12 colors. The price starts at $35.

  1. Lululemon Reversible

Lululemon Reversible yoga mat is a crowd favorite because of its unique combination of surfaces and materials that are super sticky, making both sides slip resistant even with extreme moisture. It is also very comfortable (it comes with an extra cushion for your knees, hips, and palms), durable, stable, and easy to clean.

Prices range from $48 – $78.

  1. Jade Fusion Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for an ideal yoga mat for home yoga practice, then Jade Fusion Yoga Mat is something you might consider. It works well in both wet and dry conditions, and it has the perfect thickness and firmness, which is very helpful in tougher balancing yoga poses. I mentioned that it’s good for home practice because the mat itself is comparatively heavy. But if you’re more concerned about your balance and grip, then this is a pretty good choice.

Available in a variety of sizes, colors, types. Prices range from $68.18 – $292.60. 

  1. Magic Carpet

Most yoga mats have very simple designs, most of which only have a variety of colors to choose from. The Magic Carpet yoga mats feature bold colors and patterns that are striking, yet relaxing. If you’re looking for a unique yoga mat that can help you express yourself more comfortably, then the Magic Carpet yoga mat is a perfect choice!

Available in different designs. The price starts at $98.

  1. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat

The Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mat has a non-slip surface, which makes it the ultimate option for hot yoga. Both sides of the yoga mat provide enough balance and stability to help you achieve your poses correctly and comfortably. Hugger Mugger Para Rubber Yoga Mats are made from natural and sustainable materials, and the natural rubber makes the mat durable and long-lasting.

Available in 4 designs. The price starts at $68.

  1. PrAna Revolution Mat

The Prana Revolution yoga mats are relatively bigger than the usual size, making it ideal for yogis who are more comfortable practicing with a more spacious circle. With its thickness, it provides outstanding support for your knees, palms, elbows, and hips. Usually, thicker mats are a bit difficult to balance on, but surprisingly, the Prana Revolution provides a stable platform for good balance.

Available in 3 colors. The price starts at $90.


It may actually take time to be able to find the yoga mat that you’ll feel connected to, but feel free to explore other yoga mats beyond this list. Have you tried other mats that should be included in the best 8? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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