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About Us



We are a bunch of like-minded people; who got great benefits in yoga, meditation, and some other awesome things which we wanted to share with others, with you.

The idea of SpiritifyMe has its inception in a cold winter day of 2012 in Toronto, Canada. We wanted to create a platform for valuable information and insights to help each other with our unique challenges, problems, and goals. We put them into 4 main categories; yoga, meditation, health, and spirituality. Of course and naturally, some of them may lapse on each other from time to time. Yet we find it the most effective way to explore different areas, for a better understanding. It’s a fact that we’re lucky to be in an age of very advanced technology than our ancestors, we’re able to enjoy many benefits from it. Yet at the same time, the numbers/rates of anxiety, depression, non-satisfaction, sadness and such negative emotions, even suicides are increasing all around the world. That’s unfortunate it happens, yet we can still change it for the better. We can change the world around us by changing ourselves first, from within. We can be the best we can be, and then help and influence others to become theirs. The world would become a much peaceful, happier and harmonious place. Our big blue home needs it, we need it.

With our warmest intentions, we wish you the best in your journey. It’s great that you’re here and reading this, you’re already a part of this positive movement.

Love & Peace 

Team Spiritify Me,